Is KCR’s To Give Ministry For Kamma Leader?


Is KCR's To Give Ministry For Kamma Leader?

Has KCR chosen to put aside the Kamma pioneers from Khammam because of their inside squabbling. He feels that pioneers like previous pastor Tummala Nageswara Rao, Khammam MLA Puvvada Ajay Kumar and MP Nama Nageswara Rao are occupied with battling among themselves and the gathering is getting debilitated because of this oneupmanship. Along these lines, KCR is accounted for to have chosen to disregard them.

Despite the fact that there was TRS wave all over, Khammam was the solitary special case. Here, the TRS could win just one seat. In spite of the fact that the TRS expanded its count by empowering surrenders, uncontrolled groupism is hitting at the base of the gathering. A large portion of those empowering groupism are from the Kamma people group. During the previous government, Tummala was brought into the gathering, made a MLA and later as a clergyman. Be that as it may, he also depended on gathering legislative issues prompting the bleak exhibition of the gathering.

With Tummala losing decisions, everybody thought Puvvada Ajay would turn into a priest. Be that as it may, that has not occurred. Presently, KCR needs to offer service to at any rate one Kamma pioneer. Along these lines, Ajay’s ecclesiastical expectations have restored once more. Nonetheless, TRS sources uncover that out of the five Kamma MLAs, Serilingampally MLA Arekapudi Gandhi is well on the way to be made a pastor as he is dynamic in the Kamma station affiliations.

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