‘Do You Have Brain’? KA Paul Raised The Journalist!


'Do You Have Brain'? KA Paul Raised The Journalist!

Praja Shanti Party Chief KA Paul had a warmed contention with a Journalist amid an ongoing question and answer session. Not long after the Evangelist guaranteed he would turn into a MP, CM and PM, A Mediaperson brought up an issue. This is when Paul lost his cool and would not answer saying, ‘One Reporter can’t ask every one of the inquiries. There are 50 media persons…I need to give open door for all’.

When the Reporter addressed how might he place a cutoff on the quantity of inquiries a media individual ought to ask and chose to reclaim the mike set before him, KA Paul shot back: ‘Do You Have Brain?’. In answer, The Mediaperson: ‘Ya, That is the reason I have been bringing up issues. How might you ask whether I have cerebrum? Most importantly, Withdraw what you remark!’.

At that point, KA Paul asked is it reasonable for permit one Journalist bring up 5 Issues. He included, ‘On the off chance that you need to make it a contention, I couldn’t care less’.

Journalist: ‘You don’t have a solution for my inquiry’.

KA Paul: ‘You don’t have the foggiest idea how to bring up an issue. You are making inquiry for notoriety’.

Columnist: ‘I needn’t bother with notoriety. You don’t make a scene for fame’.

KA Paul: ‘There is nobody more prominent than Me in the World. You reclaim your words’.

Columnist: ‘Most importantly, You reclaim your words. I can ask 10 questions. What would i be able to do on the off chance that you come up short on the valor to reply? For what reason did you held the press meet in the event that you can’t reply? Media people, Don’t ask questions…let’s stopped’.

KA Paul: ‘God favor you…Bye’.

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