Review : 118


Movie : 118 (2019)
Release date : 01 March 2019

Star Cast : Kalyan Ram, Shalini Pandey, Nivetha Thomas
Music : Shekar Chandra
Editor : Bikkina Thimma Raju
Producer : Mahesh S Koneru
Director : Guhan

On the off chance that an acclaimed cinematographer like KV Guhan makes his directorial debut in Telugu (his second picture as a chief), you can expect a sensibly well-made trip. He doesn’t frustrate. 118 is a fresh spine chiller, sans acting, performance, excessively enthusiastic lecturing or long clarifications, qualities that plague paranormal thrill rides made in Telugu. Guhan evades these blemishes and conveys a spotless motion picture. It is imperfect, and even ungainly on occasion, passing up moment subtleties and more tightly content composition, preventing it from being the stunning tension spine chiller it could have been. However, it is a better than expected motion picture by the norms set by riddle spine chillers in Telugu.


Goutam(Kalyan Ram) a media journalist frequently gets a dream on a missing girl (Nivetha Tomas). In the process of tracing out the whereabouts the girl in his dream, He starts investigating about his dream and finds a lead along with some clues for his dream.

Goutam finds out that she is Aadya. The investigation is all about Aadhya (Nivetha Thomas) and her story. Who is Aadya? Is she really missing in the real world too? If so who are the culprits behind her missing story? How will Goutam solve the suspense puzzle in the story? To know this, you have to watch the film on the silver screen.


Kalyan Ram completed a better than average employment as an insightful columnist. He looks lean and in vogue in the job of Gowtham and needs some commendation.

Nivetha Thomas as Aadhya is a disclosure, enlivening her character’s guiltlessness, adoring nature, fortitude, determination for equity and even blame no sweat. She easily gets through her job, taking the show, particularly in a specific scene that expects her to demonstrate tragic misery.

Shalini Pandey’s science with Kalyan Ram is really off-the-diagrams, it’s a riddle why she exists in this story. Her character, shockingly, has not a lot to do other than sentiment the legend, convey nonexclusive lines to egg him on this voyage and tag along on his experiences. In a film that expects you to put resources into its characters, hers simply doesn’t summon any feeling from you. It likewise doesn’t help that Shalini Pandey conveys an entirely alright act.

Hari Teja as Aadya’s companion and Prabhas Seenu as Kalyan’s partner are great in their strong jobs.


Cinematographer turned chief KV Guhan has concocted a decent idea and intriguing storyline yet his portrayal needs legitimate profundity in it. In spite of the fact that the tension factor is dealt with fairly through the film, significant analytical scenes are not written in a holding way. Exchanges in the film are obsolete and won’t at all energize the gathering of people.

Going to the lead craftsman’s exhibitions,

Shekhar Chandra has worked to perfection with the foundation score.

The generation esteems look better than average.


118 is agreeable in light of the fact that it utilizes even the character of its less-in-center driving woman Medha (Shalini Pandey), Gautam’s life partner, actually deftly. Valor takes a rearward sitting arrangement and Kalyan Ram completes a magnificent activity as a columnist who confides in his morals and senses. The peak isn’t drawn out or overstated either and the story closes well.

Despite the interest, 118 utilizations clear dreams as a simple fix as opposed to putting resources into better composition. The paranormal segment of the motion picture includes less esteem (since it’s not so much an unmitigated paranormal film) and removes more, taking into account that the point it offers could have been supplanted by an elegantly composed practical part as well. This is a miss with respect to the chief, who most likely needed to utilize paranormal movement/envisioning/spirits as an extra to his story, which had enough taking the plunge in any case, and could have been a superb content on insightful reporting a la The Post or Spotlight.

Indeed, even the altering is crude on occasion. Test this – at a certain point, Gautam finds a glass shard with blood on it, and keeping in mind that he is edgy for pieces of information, he scarcely seeks after this edge – the DNA. At the point when in the long run the group of onlookers acknowledge what worked out, not seeking after that bit of proof feels strange.

It additionally feels a bit irritating to see that Gautam is doing everything without anyone else. Given the profound established embarrassment he is pursuing, you would anticipate that him should be progressively watchful, particularly considering he is close pals with an amazing cop. Since Gautam is driven by the need to discover reality and not by the acclaim that could stop by uncovering the connivance, there is no purpose behind him to hazard such a significant number of lives and the whole story by going solo. It is likewise peculiar that a trick of this extent is taken care of by partners in crime who scarcely realize how to carry out their responsibility. At a certain point, a corporate big shot at the center of the scheme requests that his partner in crime complete the homicide, spotless and quick. The technique picked by the partner in crime – crush the lady into mash, fold her into a floor covering and drag it transparently out of the retreat room. In the event that that is spotless, you wonder what is messy


Crisp runtime

Lucid dreaming theme



Technical standards


Confused screenplay

Lacks universal appeal

Flashback episode


Irrespective of the cracks in the story and missed logics, go watch this one for the edgy narrative. But be warned; do not try to dig too deep into it, for you might just miss out on a fine thriller that tries to deliver more than the usual heroics. Especially go watch this one for Nivetha Thomas and Kalyan Ram, you will not regret it.

Tenkaya Rating : 2.75/5

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