YS Jaga’s isn’t keen to meet anyone. Why is it so?


YS Jaga's isn't keen to meet anyone. Why is it so?

It’s been one month since the surveying occurred in AP. Overseer CM Chandrababu Naidu continued directing audit gatherings and crusading for territorial gatherings in different states. Interestingly, YS Jaganmohan Reddy favored investing most energy with relatives and showing up in all respects once in a while. He keeping up low profile to an extent that appointment weren’t given for even gathering pioneers.

When there is solid buzz that YCP would frame the following government, YS Jaganmohan Reddy isn’t quick to meet anybody. For what reason is it so?

In the ongoing past, Jagan went to the wedding in Botsa Satyanarayana Family and watched ‘Avengers: End Game’. He dropped his foreign trip for reasons known best to him. There was no update from him from that point.

To the individuals who get some information about his swearing-in function, Yuva Neta continues saying God will choose when it will occur.

YCP Leaders state, Jagan wishes to keep up key quiet until the affirmation of results as opposed to issuing pointless explanations. This is the reason he is shunning meeting anyone and concentrating on what must be done after the last outcomes.

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