T Harish Rao fighting against on fake news at News Daily.


T Harish Rao fighting against on fake news at News Daily.

T Harish Rao reacted genuinely over the report distributed by a news daily saying the Siddipet MLA is intending to join BJP at any point in the near future. Towards the finish of the article, The media house referenced that it’s an April Fool Joke. This news became famous online via web-based networking media and individuals started questioning the steadfastness of Harish Rao towards TRS

The Former Minister took to his Social Media handle to vent out his anguish: ‘The news did by a rumored news source is a great case of #FakeNews. It’s obtuse to spread disinformation, even as a trick, extraordinarily when the entire nation has been battling against phony news’.

An intrigue was made to the news sources by Harish Rao not to fall back on such tricks. He likewise requested the daily which spread the Fake News to issue a statement of regret Tomorrow in agreement.

With his solid response, Harish Rao has indeed demonstrated how dedicated he is as a TRS Party Member. This illumination offers tremendous alleviation for the Ruling Party Activists.

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