Sudheer Babu Supports Galla Jaydev as MP Again!


Sudheer Babu Supports Galla Jaydev as MP Again!

Sudheer Babu claimed voters of Guntur Lok Sabha Constituency to choose Galla Jaydev as their MP once again. The Young Hero didn’t make reference to either about TDP or different Candidates of the decision party in his discourse. He made this remark amid Mahesh Fans Meet sorted out by Galla Jaydev.

Voicing conclusion on Special Category Status for couple of times in Parliament doesn’t really mean battling earnestly for the reason. What has Galla Jaydev accomplished for the initial four years, until TDP finished ties with BJP? Which implies, He is more faithful to the gathering than the general population of AP.

In a meeting given couple of years back, Galla Jaydev gave an impression as though he was chosen as Guntur MP without taking the assistance of Ghattamameni Family despite the fact that Mahesh Babu tweeted in front of surveying for his triumph. Why Galla had went with Mahesh at whatever point the Superstar visited Guntur on the off chance that he doesn’t need his help to win? Mahesh Fans will without a doubt remember these things while casting a ballot in this race.

Last however not the least, Sudheer Babu is supporting Galla Jaydev as a relative. He have to answer how could Galla get Special Status future when he neglected to do as such in the principal term as MP.

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