Remand Report :- YS Viveka was brutally tortured before the murder!


Remand Report :- YS Viveka was brutally tortured before the murder!

YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder in front of the 2019 Elections was an immense stun to the Telugu People. The remand report submitted to the First Class Magistrate in Pulivendula by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) revealed stunning certainties.

According to the Remand Reports, YS Viveka was severely tormented before the murder. Blade Injuries were distinguished on 7 puts on the body of the expired.

Gangi Reddy, Muli Venkata Krishna Reddy and Eddula Prakash realized who executed YS Viveka and what is the explanation for it. They attempted to wreck the proof at the wrongdoing spot to spare the killers. Scarcely any more individuals were associated with the murder and there is have to flame broil a lot more observers.

On March fifteenth, YS Viveka’s PA Muli Venkata Krishna Reddy went to the house of his Boss at 5.30 am. He read papers for thirty minutes as Viveka hasn’t turned out from the house. At that point, He called Viveka’s Wife Soubhagyamma to advise that the Boss is still sleeping and mentioned her to wake up by making a telephone call. Soubhagyamma was remaining with her Daughter because of medical problems.

After thirty minutes, Cook Lakshmi and his Son Prakash came to YS Viveka’s Residence. According to the request of Muli Venkata Krishna Reddy, They attempted to wake up Viveka yet there was no reaction. After watchman told that backdoor was open, Both Muli Venkata Krishna Reddy and Prakash headed inside. They discovered YS Viveka in a pool of blood in restroom and educated about it to his significant other Soubhagyamma and son in-law Rajasekhar Reddy.

A Case was documented under Section 302 of IPC dependent on the wounds on YS Viveka’s body. Cops caught the plastic can and fabric used to clean the blood stains, hair strands, sindoor stickers, two mobiles with Muli Venkata Krishna Reddy and a letter.

Hardly any more confirmations need to establish out for distinguishing the prime denounced in the murder case. Safeguard ought to be denied for the individuals who destroyed the proof and helped the killers escape. Pass a request giving 15 days police care of the trio.

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