Ravi Prakash’s clarified there is no truth in the reports about ‘absconding’.


Ravi Prakash's clarified there is no truth in the reports about 'absconding'.

Ravi Prakash showed up in TV9 Studio to denounce different hypotheses available for use about him since morning. ‘A few bits of gossip have been in circulation…Ravi Prakash is fleeing since two days, Police propelled look activity to capture Ravi Prakash, Ravi Prakash manufactured the mark of a key worker and Ravi Prakash redirected the assets of TV9 to other channel. I wish to thank every one of the Channels which have offered such scrollings out of worry towards Me. I am Ravi Prakash addressing you from the studio as the author executive of TV9. I am working from here from the previous 15 years. TV9 made progress with its diverts in different dialects. Our Channel dependably trusted Journalists must have social duty. There was a perplexity in regards to different hypotheses in round. Myself and TV9 Office got a lot of calls as far back as the gossipy tidbits spread. I am here to guarantee everybody that there is nothing to stress. Better if Channels cross-check the certainties before broadcasting the news things. Individuals will in any case realize reality regardless of whether glaring untruths have been spread by couple of news sources,’ he said.

TV9 CEO affirmed a few people recorded a bogus police objection against him utilizing the pending case with National Company Law Tribunal. He cleared up there is no fact in the reports about ‘slipping away’, ‘Individuals had seen Me in the TV9 studio day before yesterday. A day or two ago, I had arrived late to the workplace because of heading out to out of station’.

Ravi Prakash asserted TV9 has been proceeding as No.1 for as long as 15 years. He proceeded to state, ‘Those stations which broadcasted the phony news would have earned validity had in the event that they weren’t impacted by few powers or cash. Much obliged for their phony news. I wish they will build their validity with uplifting news things in future. No one captured Ravi Prakash and nobody would do as such in future’.

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