PVP Statement : Watch the complete footage and then decide!


PVP Statement : Watch the complete footage and then decide!

17 Seconds Video of YCP MP Candidate PVP became a web sensation on Social Media after print and electronic media offered broad inclusion to it. In the clasp, PVP remarked that Special Category Status is an exhausting subject and he would prefer not to discuss it. These remarks mixed an immense discussion in the political circles.

PVP cleared up: ‘My opening explanation amid the gathering was – My Party and My Leader Jagan is just a single in the nation who is battling indefatigably for Special Status. I had made this remark twice. Watch the total video and afterward choose for yourself. As the gathering was intended to talk about Industrial Policy, I told how about we not veer off from the theme and talked about the vision of YCP for Industrial Development in the following 5 years. Represented 5 minutes, yet media concentrating just on 17 seconds to dramatically overemphasize it’.

When tested don’t he feel that negative battle propelled by TDP will hurt YCP’s survey prospects, The Industrialist answered: ‘For what reason would it be advisable for us to fear if our expectation isn’t terrible? Neither our gathering nor our pioneer will make a backstep. Anyone will know the real truth on the off chance that they watch the total film. On the off chance that Media is extremely fit for changing open strategy, What is the requirement for decisions? Individuals aren’t distraught to think everything that has been accounted for by the media’.

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