Preethi Reddy’s stuffed inside a suitcase!


Preethi Reddy's stuffed inside a suitcase!

Mortal Remains of Preethi Reddy, the Sydney-based Dentist, who disappeared on March third this year was discovered stuffed inside a suitcase.

The 32-Year-Old hadn’t returned home from the dental tradition in St Leonards which is a suburb of Sydney in Australia. CCTV Footage show she was inside McDonald’s at the Strand Arcade in focal Sydney by 2.15 am on Sunday. She was separated from everyone else around then.

Cops found the vehicle of Preethi Reddy left on a road in Kingsford. After looking inside, They found the body of the Dentist inside the suitcase. The perished was wounded on various occasions by the killer.

According to the early reports, Preethi Reddy remained at a hotel on Market Street with a Man whom she knows on Sunday. That Man who is suspected to have killed the Dentist passed on in an auto collision occurred on roadway Monday midnight. Agents trust the accident was an intentional endeavor by the suspect.

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