Prakash Raj Sensational comments About Revanth Reddy and Bandla Ganesh

Prakash Raj issued an elucidation over his tendency towards TRS in Telangana subsequent to sponsorship Congress Party in Karnataka. ‘Never did I claim voters to vote in favor of any gathering. I just requested that they think before practicing their entitlement to cast a ballot. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to help Telangana Congress? What sort of dialect pioneers like Revanth Reddy has been talking? He gave a call – ‘Atu-Itu Kani Vallu TRS Ki Vote Veyyandi’. Is it safe to say that it isn’t care for offending transgenders? Do we need such pioneers?,’ he addressed.

Responding on the test of Bandla Ganesh that he would cut his throat if Mahakutami doesn’t shape the administration, Prakash Raj opined: ‘Couple of Individuals would put forth such expressions for catching eye. Such recordings would get most elevated number of hits. That doesn’t mean it is something extraordinary, People treat it as a parody stuff’.

Prakash Raj may be the most joyful individual to see BJP’s destruction with the five States Assembly Polls. While Congress framed Government in 3 States, TRS held power in Telangana and MNF was casted a ballot to control in Mizoram.

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