No Government in TS till May?


Which date announced the TRS Candidates?

For what reason is KCR not concentrating on administration and organization? For what reason would he say he is not concentrating on service arrangement and assignment of obligations to the ministers? For what reason would he say he is caught up with visiting diverse parts of the nation without chipping away at the issues of the state?

Those near KCR state that KCR is concentrating on different things in light of the election code. With the panchayat surveys on, the election code is in power and there is essentially nothing that KCR can improve the situation an additional 40 days. He can’t actualize any plan or make any huge declaration. It is a result of this that he can’t declare Aasara benefits or honorarium to the adolescent or even extension of retirmement age.

Following this, there would be Lok Sabha decisions. Again the election code will come into force. In this manner, KCR would be busy with strategising for these elections. In this way, till May end, don’t anticipate that the Telangana government should do anything worth the while. The government will be in rest mode. KCR will of course be busy planning to win maximum number of seats in both these elections.

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