KCR’s A Secret Objective To His Kerala Visit !


KCR's A Secret Objective To His Kerala Visit !

Regularly, KCR doesn’t wish to move out of the cool bounds of his camp office or ranch house. After the races, he has generally bound himself to his home. Be that as it may, abruptly he has gone into hyper dynamic mode and went state jumping. In spite of his unfriendliness for Communists, when went to Kerala to meet CM Pinarayi Vijayan. He likewise tended to a joint question and answer session with Pinarayi. However, he could generally speak with the nearby Left pioneers. Why go right to Kerala?

Exceptionally put sources uncover that there is a mystery target to his Kerala visit. Sources said that KCR needed to have some unique homams to avert ‘malicious’ powers and thus went to Kerala Sources state KCR isn’t going through an especially favorable time and crystal gazers proposed that he could keep running into issues. In this way, he went to Kerala to have a homam done subtly.

However, some different sources state that there is no preferred spot over his farmhouse if KCR truly needs to play out a Homam. He has the clerics, soothsayers and each other asset here. For what reason should he go to Kerala, they state. However others state that he simply needed to invest some energy with his family and subsequently picked Kerala. There is nothing more to it, they contend.

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