Renu Desai : I Have No Political Intention


It is realized that previous performer and Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai turned into a TV anchor in YS Jagan’s Sakshi TV. At the point when theories came up that YS Jagan himself has brought Renu Desai into the scene, she as of late came up to give the clearness.

Renu Desai is presently completing a show identified with ranchers and their issues. Discussing it, “I am doing this wholeheartedly for farmers as it were. There is no political aim or inspiration driving this. I just met several farmers and I am stunned and upset to think about their issues” said Renu Desai and included, “On the off chance that I can help or change something like one farmer’s life, I will be the most joyful individual”. With this announcement, Renu Desai has cleared up that there is no political aim behind her turning into a anchor.

Then again, it is realized that Pawan Kalyan is presently visiting Kurnool region. The political plans are presently being finished.

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