Highway Between AP Capital & Anantapur On Making Fast!


Highway Between AP Capital & Anantapur On Making Fast!

Works identified with Amaravati-Anantapur Express Highway are occurring at a fast pace as far back as AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy authorized Rs 100 crore for it as of late.

Past Government hasn’t focused on the finishing of critical Express Highway between AP Capital and Anantapur. This brought about postponement in works and progressively number of ranchers started communicating questions over its fruition. Not long after the arrangement of YCP Government, CM Jagan set his second signature on the document encouraging Union Government to focus on this undertaking.

Amaravati-Anantapur Express Highway is a project occurring with the coordinated effort of State Government and Center. This 557 km-long Highway was arranged with a financial limit of Rs 25,000 crore.

Authorities have chosen to set up Junction Boxes at three areas. YCP Government apportioned 158.67 acres of land for Noojendla Junction Box, 130 acres of land for Kaavuru Junction Box and 128 acres of land for Medikonduru Junction Box. Amaravati-Anantapur Express Highway goes through Tadipatri, Nandyala and Giddaluru to reach Guntur.

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