Rowdy Boy Prefers To Maintain A Normal Lifestyle!


Rowdy Boy Prefers To Maintain A Normal Lifestyle!

It’s Rowdy Star Vijay Devrakonda’s birthday yesterday. Much the same as a year ago, he spent his birthday by disseminating ice cream to the general population on the streets of Hyderabad. Talking a meeting given to a TV channel, Vijay said that nobody presents anything to him on his birthday yet he gets a kick out of the chance to present frozen yogurts to the general population.

At the point when asked whether he is dating a foreigner, he answered, “maybe.” The on-screen character said that his mother is pressurizing him to get hitched however he is in no temperament to do as such, starting at now. The entertainer additionally said that he never does anything out of impulse. He possibly gets things done in the event that he supposes to do as such.

The on-screen character likewise concurred that he is haughty. He expressed that he is only a typical individual and has every one of the feelings. Individuals will take it the manner in which they need to. He additionally said that he likes to keep up a typical way of life disregarding turning into a star. He will be before long found in Dear Comrade.

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