Movie Review : MR MAJNU


Movie Review : MR MAJNU

Movie Review: Mr Majnu
Release Date: 25-01-2019
Cast: Akhil Akkineni, Nidhhi Agerwal, Naga Babu, Rao Ramesh, Jaya Prakash, Priyadarshi, Hyper Aadhi, Raja Chembolu, Pavitra Lokesh, Sitara, Subbaraju, Ajay and Others
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: George C Williams
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Written & Directed :  Venky Atluri

Mr.Majnu has turned out as the third film from Akkineni smarty “Ahkil”. Since Akhil’ s films never truly functioned admirably, the devotees of Akkineni are keeping part of desires on this motion picture. Directly from its first look of Akhil brandishing in an a la mode look with an interesting haircut, young fans of Akkineni can hardly wait for the full length movie.

In any case, the hero who appeared with a science fiction film titled Akhil under the bearing of Mass executive VV Vinayak did not work out well at film industry. Akhil’s exceptionally next undertaking was genuinely done well as it was feel great flick which helmed by Vikram Kumar titled “Hello”.

How about we discover how Tholiprema acclaim Venky Atluri has helmed this young performer, while BVSN Prasad is bankrolling on SVCC banner.


Nicky (Nidhi Agrwal) and Vicky (Akhil) who based out of abroad comes to India for a family wedding. Nicky always wanted to a husband like God Shrirama,has lot of expectations. Whereas Vicky is a different character doesn’t wanted to be in longtime relationship. Both of them chills out in cousin wedding, she realizes his true side, proposes to him a two month love relationship but Vicky always discourages her saying he’s not suitable match for her, rejects after the 60 day period. Hurt by his acts, Nicky returns to UK. Vicky desperately misses Nicky and goes to U.K where she studies. There is a drastic change in Vicky’s character by the time of interval .A play boy turns to be an emotional guy. How both of them eventually get along forms rest of the story.


The movie runs on two different shades. One side goes in complete entertainment manner. It looks like emotional scenes have rightly elevated while Akhil’s naughtiness on the other hand.Director has succeeded presenting comedy dose alongside family sequences though the love story feels like routine in bits and pieces.Heroine scenes aptly lifted up while second half feels bit laggy. The title song is visually good and showcases Akhil’s new avatar with eight-pack abs. Fights are executed in stylish manner. Movie runs on feel good family films template for a while. Vicky Nicky thread is fresh and chemistry between them worked out. However, couple of forcible sentiment scenes with lengthy dialogues make audience feel uneasy. Other than that minor complaint, first half is good with right emotions and decent chemistry between the lead pair, cool songs.


Akhil has done a fabulous job, be it action sequences or in the dances while he is in a desperate situation to deliver a hit therefore he seems to have chosen a romantic and emotional embodied script. Expectations were high since the music that has come out attracted and catchy to the audiences.Nidhi and Akhil’s chemistry is engaging. Director Venky executed it well. Heroine Nidhhi Agerwal is cool as urbane girl , adequate for this film. Huge number of seasoned character artistes are roped in as hero heroine’s family members,and as friends.Actor Priyadarshi as Vicky’s friend creates fun. Hyper Aadi as ‘piracy pullarao’, who sells piracy telugu films CDs in London, director tries to infuse some comedy but succeeds partially.

Technical Values:-

Characterization of Akhil designed well by the director. Music is not so great this time around by SS Thamman.Thamman could not be able to impress the audience who expected a music like Tholiprema.Cinematography skills were well present on the screen. Action sequences are nicely executed so as Akhil’s looks and acting.


* First Half

* Action Episodes

* Dances

* Songs


* Routine Story

* Second Half

* Background Music


As the title suggested Mr.Majnu is an emotional and love drama. First half is good while second half is okay.An fairly executed family and emotional drama by a playboy.You may like it certainly.

Rating : 3/5

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