Madhanam Teaser:Dark Past & Hurdles for his Soulmate!


Madhanam Teaser:Dark Past & Hurdles for his Soulmate!

‘Madhanam’ is a Youthful Love Story. A Youngster who stays in haziness for a long time ventures out just because in light of Young Lady and experiences the obstacles for his Soulmate. The Oneliner articulated by Ajay ‘As a matter of first importance, Introduce Your Son To Himself. Or disaster will be imminent, You Will Lose Him’ gives an inclination that the Hero is confronting an issue which he can’t handle.

Srinivas Sai and Bhavana assume the lead roles ‘Madhanam’. They look flawless as the Youngsters in adoration. Foundation Score by Ron Ethan Yohann is great. Chief Ajay Sai Manikandan kept the movie buffs think about with regards to the issues hero needs to manage for a glad completion of his romantic tale. Maker Ashok Prasad of Kasi Productions kept up great creation esteems. Senior Actors Sithara, Rajiv Kanakala and Ajay have done urgent roles.

By and large, ‘Madhanam’ is better than average flick which could interest the Youth. Tag of ‘Based on A True Incident’ raises interest on what enlivened the Makers to endeavor such a subject.

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