Kalki Trailer:- Rajasekhar’s Hits Back In Style Of Gabbar Singh


Kalki Trailer:- Rajasekhar's Hits Back In Style Of Gabbar Singh

First Look Teaser of ‘Kalki’ made an effect inspite of not having even a solitary discourse. Business Trailer disclosed Today is stunningly better with amazing visuals and throbbing foundation score.

What comes as an astonishment is the way wherein Rajasekhar offered a counter to the Jibe Pawan Kalyan took at him in Gabbar Singh. In Gabbar Singh, Pawan Kalyan articulated the line – Em Septhiri Em Septhiri’. In Kalki trailer, Rajasekhar hits back in style – Em Septhiri Em Septhiri, Eppudu Elage Chepthara’.

Towards the finish of the promotion, Rajasekhar kicks the Junior Artist who imitated him in the Antakshari Episode.

Prashanth Varma who shot to distinction with ‘Wonderment!’ appears to have conveyed one more intriguing flick, yet this time with enough business components. DOP Dasaradhi Shivendra and Music Director Shravan Bharadwaj took the movie to an unheard of level. Trailer will just make immense promotion on ‘Kalki’. Most likely, many individuals will anticipate watching this movie.

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